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/slam dunks self into the trash because of parrot gurlfriends

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Flying Birds by Denis Gonchar

Artist: Behance

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cannot unsee. (@m@) 

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Title: Poisonous Love Artist: Kristin Chenoweth 3,902 plays



Kristin Chenoweth as Gabi in Rio 2

So Kristin’s voice is Tenta’s -main’ headcanon voice, so now all I can hear is her singing this about Styx, its just a hilarious visual.

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Full image here.

Response to a reader’s question I drew during downtime on my business trip…when I should have been sleeping. I ought to have left cactus friend at home.
EDIT:  It occurs to me only about four people know what that last part is about.  Here’s a terrible semi-explanation.

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Chinese Zodiac by Junko Mizuno x Swarovski

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